Self-Talk to End Binge Eating

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Nutrition Coach San Diego

Binge eating tend to have an emotional reasons behind them. In fact, many stem from negative body image and the aspiration to be like an ideal that is somewhat out of reach. This means that it is vital for sufferers to pinpoint the reason(s) and come to the decision to overcome the problem. Support is import.  Here are some things to consider:

1. Learn as much as possible about binge eating so you understand how it works and how it affects you.  Look for signs.  Try to pinpoint the root cause and address the cause.

2. Try to understand why binge eating develops in general and why you fell victim. This will help you to identify and remove anything that may make things difficult for you.

3. Learn if and how you have contributed to the problem then stop.  Do you constantly tell yourself you’re fat?

4. Do not foster…

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