Enjoying a “Silent” Dinner

Rancho La Puerta

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Did you know that every Tuesday night the Ranch offers a Silent Dinner?  Now you might be wondering, what exactly is a Silent Dinner?  I know that thought has crossed my mind since I’ve been to the Ranch.  Well, recently I decided to participate to see what the silence entailed.

It all began with one of the classes by Yvonne Nienstadt, our nutritionist.  She was saying how important it is to really chew our food as opposed to just gobbling it down.  It’s important because as humans we have a really long intestinal tract, so it takes 14 to 20 hours for our food to digest.  Digestion is hard on the body and takes a lot of energy, so one thing we can do to promote good digestion is to chew our food.  That means 25-30 chews per bite.  Most of us are talking while we’re eating or watching t.v…

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