Anemia – A disease which can be prevent easily


Anemia – An introduction

RBCs of blood contain hemoglobin which carries oxygen from lungs to all other organs and tissues. Anemia occurs when the hemoglobin level decreases drastically.

Required Hemoglobin Level is,

Required Healthy level per 100 ml Level marked for anemia
Men 13.1g to 17.2g >13g
Women 12.1g to 15.1g >12g
children 11g to 16g >11g for children below age 5
>12g for children from age 6 to age 14
Pregnant ladies 11g to 12g >11g

Reasons for Anemia

  • Excessive menstrual bleeding which leads to loss of iron and vitamins
  • Heavy bleeding during first period after child birth
  • Not having proper diet that includes iron and folic acid
  • Malaria
  • Intestinal worms
  • Frequent child birth
  • In addition, Anemia occurs when there is heavy bleeding due to TB, piles and injuries

Effects of Anemia

  • Effects on Kids
    • Immunity deficiency
    • Growth retardation
    • Loss of concentration
    • Weakness
  • Effects on Adults
    • Loss of concentration

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