Ben Rolnik

Orthorexia: The Wrong Way to Eat

Just read this article from — interesting and I think the accurate labeling of a potential problem!

As someone who has engaged in numerous “health food diets,” there’s one thing I know: if you eat right but can’t make it feel right… then its wrong. Meaning: stress can be a worse killer than the food you eat. Of course, I believe a raw, natural, low-glycemic plant based diet is ideal… however, not everyone is ready to get there… and if it’s a strain to eat this way it may be worse for you than better (go ahead, eat that fruit, drink that coconut, eat that bread with honey… especially if it means the difference between you hurting other people or your relationships with a crumby mood).

Eating is largely an emotional process–just as it is social. There’s nothing explicitly wrong with this. While…

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