Weight loss Q&A

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When it comes to shedding those extra pounds, just exercise won’t suffice. You also need to follow a balanced and healthy diet with due consideration to what your goals are.

A good and clean diet will be your path to being healthy and fit, while losing weight. But the word ‘diet’ is much maligned. Many believe that it is only about starving yourself and eating very little. They couldn’t be more wrong. We’ll help you by providing some healthy weight loss diet tips. Have a look and you’ll realize that healthy weight loss is more about balancing foods than avoiding them.

Q: How much harm does a skipped meal cause to the body?

A: Skipping a meal is not the treatment for obesity. The body’s metabolism slows down in starvation due to which it goes into a conservation mode and hence it’s a natural process of the body to expend lesser energy. Besides…

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