Water: the almighty

Nutritional Training

Water serves as the body’s transportation system. It is the medium by which other nutrients and essential elements are distributed throughout the body. Without this transport of supplies, the body factory would stop.

Water is a lubricant. The presence of water in and around body tissues helps defend the body against shock. The brain, eyes, and spinal cord are among the body’s sensitive structures that depend on a protective water layer. Water is present in the salivary juices of our digestive systems. Persons who experience reduced salivary output soon will realize that foods taste differently and are harder to swallow. As a lubricant, water also is helpful for smooth movement of bone joints.

 Water participates in the body’s biochemical reactions. The digestion of protein and carbohydrates to usable and absorbable forms depends on water as part of the chemical reaction.

Water regulates body temperature. Our health and well-being are dependent…

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