The Wheat Belly Diet: A Relatively Independent Perspective

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First, my best wishes go out to all who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.  May we all take the results in stride and take solace in the friends and family we have.

With the development of a hyper-connected culture (internet, Twitter, FB, etc.), new ideas can spread like wildfire.  Last week I learned about two of these ideas: Gangam style and the Wheat Belly Diet, both of which landed over the summer.  Amazing how even a couple months lag time really puts someone “behind the eight ball.”  So, of course I started to catch myself up.  Lots of amusing Gangam style parodies and wow, quite the firestorm of information regarding Wheat Belly.

While I will be the first to admit I haven’t read the book, I feel that the sheer strength of response to any remotely negative views on the diet shows there is a staunch, loyal following, similar…

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