The Case for GMOs

Out of the Fog

By Thomas Sumner

On Tuesday we Californians will vote on Prop 37 to decide whether or not to force companies to label their genetically modified foods. The European Union already requires the labeling of these GMOs, and some European countries ban genetically modified products outright. This labeling paints the picture that GMOs are dangerous and shouldn’t be developed let alone eaten.

Being from Santa Cruz I’ve seen crowds of protesters, signs in hand, covering seemingly every square foot of sidewalk in town to make sure everyone knows the sins of GMOs. Some of their signs read:

“Keep your GREED out of our GREENS”

“Keep our food safe! Stop GMOs!

“Defend yourself against genetic biohazards!”

“Genetically modified foods are poison”

“GMOs eat all the M&Ms out of your trail mix!”

All right, I might have made that last one up. The point is, if feeding rat poison to your kids is…

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