Susan’s Weight Loss Journey Week 2

Forge Wellness

Last Saturday my  toddler slept in. WHAT?!!?!? Despite waking up late, we were made it out to the Race for a Cure 5K. My parents were in town so we did break down and get a quick bit to eat out of a window on our way to the race, and that night was my sister’s birthday dinner, so I only did one Herbalife shake and two meals that day. However, I was able to stay strong and keep to two shakes the rest of the week.


I have found the shakes help with time management. I love not having to think about what to eat. My normal is to do a shake for breakfast and dinner and eat a meal for lunch. I have realized we are a bunch of eaters at my office. We had a few lunches this week that were planned for me. Eating is…

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