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Keeping up with the Blogging Challenge, today’s topic is strategies to keep of the holiday weight. This flows nicely from my November Promise since one of those is to not use the holiday’s as an excuse to be unhealthy! So here are some of the strategies I use and implemented last year where I really wanted to notgo crazy over the Christms season like I have in the past.

My top 5 strategies for avoiding holiday weight gain

  1. Healthify your favourite treats… love a Starbucks peppermint mocha? Get it skinny. Love Nanaimo bars? Dream up a wicked protein fortified low sugar version *** note that I have actually dreamed up a recipe for this as I was enjoying a non-healthified Nanaimo bar from Starbucks, if it’s any good I will share the recipe***. Other fitness blogs are an amazing resource for healthy alternatives to your holiday cravings, so get…

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