Otto Warburg, A Giant of Modern Cellular Biology

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Otto Warburg, A Giant of Modern Cellular Biology

Reporter: Larry H Bernstein, MD, FCAP



Otto Heinrich Warburg (October 8, 1883 – August 1, 1970), son of physicist Emil Warburg, was a German physiologist, medical doctor and Nobel laureate.

Otto Heinrich Warburg was born on October 8, 1883, in Freiburg, Baden. His father, the physicist Emil Warburg, was President of the Physikalische Reichsanstalt, Wirklicher Geheimer Oberregierungsrat. He was a member of the Warburg family, a prominent family and financial dynasty of German Jewish descent, noted for their varied accomplishments in physicsclassical musicart historypharmacologyphysiologyfinanceprivate equity and philanthropy. They are believed to be descended from the Venetian Jewish del Banco family, in the early 1500s one of the wealthiest Venetian families. The Warburgs fled from Italy to Warburg in Germany in the 16th century before moving to Altona

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