F-f-f-friday means it’s weigh-in day!!! @nofriesfor365 I know you feel me!


Every Friday morning I wake up with total anxiety lol it’s ridiculous!

I’m terrified that my efforts will not be reflected on that little white box on my bathroom floor. How I let something so tiny and insignificant have such power over me I do not know. I’m far too strong a woman for this crap lol but hey….I think that’s just it isn’t it 😛

Well, I’ve been having a heck of a time. In my mini goals (10 pounds lost per month) that I set for myself I am way behind! I thought I’d be down 20 pounds by now – I’m down 7. It’s ok! I’ve adjusted my mini goals and we move on…pick yourself up, dust yourself on and keep on truckin’ this is what I teach my kids, so it’s what I gotta do.

However, this morning I was met with a very pleasant surprise…

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