Banana Mint Chocolate Cups


Hey everyone!

Anyone want a three legged dog?


Free to a good home.

Doesn’t eat underwear… noooo never

Yes… yes that is was one of my sports bras.

Nevermind… nothing a little bit of deadlifting can’t fix

Nothing like deadlifts to fix a bad mood.

I did  a few warmup sets and then 3 sets of 5 @70kg and did a few weighted pullups, double unders and kettlebell swings.

Post WOD:

1. Mash a banana

2. add a spoon of coconut oil and a drop of peppermint extract

3. place into cupcake holders and freeze

4. melt 100% dark chocolate ( 8 chocolate buttons) with a bit of coconut oil ( about a teaspoon)

5. take out frozen banana bites and cover in the chocolate

6. put back in the freezer ( the chocolate actually froze straight away on the banana!)

EASY- this made three little cups of joy

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