Athletes on the Go

Eat. Sleep. Crossfit.

Being a college student and crossfit athlete it can be difficult getting the right nutrition in to assist my goals. I have found that pre making meals such as breakfast can not only help you get quality nutrition in, but minimize time spent making it. Breakfast and pre WOD nutrition is crucial if you want your goals to happen. I’ve tried a lot of things in the past for a good, fast, light (because nobody wants to see their friend pukie during a WOD), and nutrient dense breakfast. I have found 3 pre boiled eggs, a banana, and the famous Rich Fronning peanut butter jelly mix to be the trick. I get the clean protein source from the eggs and the fats, calories, and sugars from the famous mix. Everything I could ever ask for. And if that wasn’t good enough, this takes maximum of 3 minutes to prepare. No…

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