Alcohol doth not a man make


This may be a hard topic for some folks to read but it may help in your quest of building massive slabs of muscle.

The first thing to tackle is the added calories. Although there are some lower calorie light beers available that can offer 55-95 calories per serving, there are also those in the 200-300 calorie range. This isn’t counting the mixed drinks that are not only full of liquor calories but also sugary mixes. Alcohol itself has a relatively high caloric value of 7.1 calories/gram; 1gram of carbs or protein can ~4 calories and fat ~9 calories. An analysis of the data collected from the NHANES found that although drinkers consumed significantly more calories than nondrinkers, they were no more obese. This seems to be related to replacing solid calories for these liquid calories. They also noted that as alcohol consumption increased, body weight decreased. BUT…body composition changes…

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