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Experts: Buy Local Firewood to Prevent Spread of Insects, Diseases

By UC Cooperative Extension |

As autumn temperatures cool, many people like to warm themselves with a cozy fire. When choosing firewood, natural resources experts ask that people use local firewood to avoid moving harmful insects and plant diseases into and around California.

“Buy firewood from a local source close to your home to prevent the spread of insects and diseases, such as the goldspotted oak borer, sudden oak death and emerald ash borer,” said Thomas Scott, a UC Cooperative Extension specialist based at UC Riverside who studies these invasive pests. “Firewood is one of the least-regulated natural resource industries in California, but this is a situation where the university can play a critical role in changing behavior through research and education rather than regulation.”

Scott and his UC Cooperative Extension colleagues are working with the U.S. Forest Service, the…

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