Tricked into Falling for Big Tobacco’s Treats


Treat or Trick!  It has an entirely different meaning, depending on the age of the person.  If you are a kid, Halloween is probably the second biggest holiday, after Christmas of course, that you look forward to all year.  What other time of year do you get to plan a costume, dress up, and ask strangers for candy all with the permission of your parents?  On the other hand, Halloween for adults can be an expensive proposition.  Have you seen the price of candy lately?   It’s scary!

Another thing that is scary is the way Big Tobacco is making an addictive product look like candy.  We know our kids go for the bright candy wrappers and the fruit flavors.  Big Tobacco knows this too and they are making their products look and even taste like candy, like the products pictured on the right.

Many kids think flavored cigars and…

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