The Clean Eating Experiment

Mary's Life Experiment

As life has gotten more hectic, there has been a sharp decline in home- cooked meals and exercise. I’ve always felt better and had more energy when I was eating right, so my goal for November is to steadily build up my arsenal of clean recipes.

I’m hoping to prepare at least three new recipes per week. That seems easy enough, but these meals have to meet several criteria:

  1.   Simple/easy to prepare, ideal for busy nights
  2. Cannot break the bank! Grocery shopping is done on a budget, so foods need to fit in that budget.
  3. Must be family friendly! Because of the aforementioned budget, making multiple dinners is not an option, so each meal has to be appropriate for multiple family members.

I do not follow any particular diet plan (maybe that’s why I want to lose 40-50 lbs!) but I am taking a lot from the Eat Clean…

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