Sweet Potato and Apple Bread Pudding

Karista's Kitchen

Much of my daily culinary work leads me down the path of nutrition.   It’s amazing the healing power of whole foods, herbs and spices.

“Food should not only satisfy our hunger, it should nourish our body, feed our soul and delight our senses”  Karista~

This runs through my mind constantly.  Especially when I’m writing recipes for a culinary class or customizing recipes for a client.

So now that the holiday season has officially begun (for me that’s the day after Halloween), I thought I’d list a few whole foods, herbs and spices that are nutritious but make holiday recipes delicious.  Ha! Whoever thought one could combine “holiday foods” and “nutritious” in one sentence?

We see a lot of sweet potatoes this time of year.  And I love it!  Sweet potatoes seem to turn a recipe into something just a little more special, almost indulgent.  They’re slightly sweet, dense, with a creamy texture that…

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