Supplements You Should Be Using


It always amazes me when people say that there is no need for supplements in a diet, despite the definite benefits involved.

Most of us simply don’t eat well enough to get the necessary effects and health benefits from our foods, and supplements fill in this gap, as well as providing a safety net for when you aren’t getting complete health from your diet.

Here is my list of things you SHOULD be taking, no matter what your goals:
A Fat Supplement

Omega’s, Flax, or better yet Krill Oil, are fats that you need in your diet. I know what you’re thinking-“You WANT me to eat fat?”

In a word-yes. The above are healthy fats, and many of us don’t get enough of these in our diets to benefit us. Healthy fats serve to lubricate joints, reduce the risk of heart issues and cancers, and best of all healthy fats…

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