Pumpkin Recipes

Christa Cheverie

I, like most girls I suspect, have fond memories of baking with my grandmother.  Using bright orange measuring cups (now dubbed ‘retro’), licking beaters, spoons, and fingers, and smelling that sweet warm smell that fills the air while waiting with anticipation for your goodies to ‘FINALLY’ be ready.  I can remember using a hand crank eggbeater and wood stove oven during a two day power outage to make cookies.  I can also remember making homemade chocolates out of potatoes that same winter.  I believe I mentioned I am from PEI?

This past week, I fired up the oven for my first attempt at baking as an adult.  I guess these things just work better in Grandma’s kitchen because despite a seemingly great recipe, a handful of calls to my Grammie, some recipe adjustments, and two attempts, the Pumpkin Spiced Cookies were a flop.

In need of a win, I moved on and tried a couple…

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