Nutrition for Youth Wrestlers

Texas USA Wrestling - South Region

Every parent wants to give their child the best advantage in their specific sport. In youth wrestling it is no different.  Confusion exists around wrestling specifically about proper diet and nutrition, and overall weight management.  The majority of dietary information passed on to young athletes is based off old traditions and from coaches who often express outdated or misguided conditioning guidelines.

Today information is passed down from wrestler to wrestler.  Some of the training and nutritional protocols that are correct for older athletes can cause serious harm to young, developing athletes.  As the parent, ask questions and educate yourself to give your wrestler the best chance at success in a healthy way.

The truth is more than 30% of all school aged children are obese with a number of them with other health-related issues due to poor diets, lack of exercise, and improper sleep.   As a parent, you must take the time…

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