Live training: The final 4.3%


Back in late 2007, the popular online magazine ‘T-Nation’, ran an online body transformation series called ‘The Physique Clinic’, in which several participants who wanted to make drastic changes to their bodies had their entire journey logged and recorded online for the world to see.

What I am presenting here is a similar concept – the live progress of a selected client. The client chosen will be one who has made significant results so far and is on the home stretch to their goal. The weekly blog post will include updates of training and nutrition as well as any issues that have arisen during the process and they have been dealt with….

Meet my client Leroy*, a 33 year old barrister who I’ve been training since the beginning of March this year.

*At my client’s request, I’ve changed his name.

When I first met Leroy, he measured in at around 22% body…

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