Homemade Barley

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I woke up with a headache and I thought its time to down something cooling. Anyways, I went Sheng Siong with bf yesterday and he was saying he missed the barley I cooked for him. So my headache came in timely for me to move my butt to the kitchen and prepare it.

I remember when I was much younger, my grandma used to cook barley for my cousin and I would get a share too ^^ Mad love for barley, especially when they are sweetened. The grains turn soft and chewy after being cooked. My dad will prepare them when I have fever/sore throat.

So here’s how I prepared it!

1. 200g of Pearl Barley (don’t use the big ones that come from china, the taste will be different)

2. 100g of candied melon

3. Rock sugar to sweeten (100g or until desired sweetness)

I measured the individual ingredients…

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