French Radish Sandwiches, the P.K. Way

The Nutrition Doctor is In the Kitchen

I can’t quite remember how or when I was first introduced to the notion of a radish sandwich, so I would not be surprised if you, too, found it unusual. It is popular fare in France, however, where French breakfast radishes are simply sliced atop white bread with butter and salt. (They are also popular in Montréal, where my father grew up eating them.) The sandwiches can also be served deconstructed on a platter with radishes, butter, salt, and sliced baguette for guests to create their own; this makes an elegant hors d’oeuvre that no doubt introduces guests to something new, at least here in the United States.

Crostini: It’s Not Just For Tomatoes, You Know

People always think of tomatoes when it comes to crostini, and goodness knows I’ve made tons of those over the years. Yet, ever inspired by radish roots and leaves, I recently created my own…

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