Fit Tip 11/1/12

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If you want to binge- take a picture of the food you want to consume. Send that picture to a friend, co-worker, twitter, instagram, post it to a blog. Announcing the food you want to eat in a huge amount should be enough to deter you from eating it.

My kryptonite has been, and always will be, donuts. There’s always a story, if you want, read mine:

My parents got divorced when I was 5 years old. Within 2 years after their divorce, my mom was remarried and we had moved from all our family and friends in South Bend, IN to Palos Verdes, CA. Talk about a change. My dad still lived in South Bend and we only got to see him twice a year, at most. When we did see him, every single morning we would go to Meijer and we were allowed to pick out one piece…

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