Cheat Meals…Why? How?

iLLustrious Fitness

I have very strong feelings about cheat meals. When Nick and I started our journey this was one of the first things we were concerned with. Thinking back on it that was very fat thinking of us. We hadn’t been at it for a week and we were already looking to cheat. We haven’t even dedicated ourselves to the healthy food plan and we were already looking for a way back to the dark path. This is a recipe for failure to most, but we used it to transition from bad eats, to healthy. It kept us motivated and sane during our most vulnerable time. The first couple weeks. We justified it by saying, we are switching up our metabolism, and more nonsense. Well 7 months in, 90 pounds down, here is how I feel about cheat meals.

It really isn’t that necessary. After the first couple of weeks, I…

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