Your Metabolism and Breakfast

Bodybuilding on a Budget

Now, most of you that read the title immediately thought “yes breakfast is important”. Hold the phone! I’m about to tell you yes it is important… to skip or push back a couple of hours.

Wait! What? I need my breakfast so my muscle doesn’t deteriorate up waking. I need my energy to get to work. No you don’t.

I too came up on this mindset, it was one of my bigger meals. I would have a cup of oatmeal, 3-6 eggs, and maybe a banana or some other fruit for good measure. Thanks to research brought to my attention by John “DH” Kiefer, of, I was able to read about the benefits of not having something immediately upon waking. I have always used nutrient timing and focused the majority of my carbohydrate intake around training, but it was always drilled into me that I also needed them at…

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