Water On The Rocks, Shimmied Not Stirred


The latest nutrition recommendations from the US Dept of Agriculture advised  people to drink water when they’re thirsty.  Seems like a no-brainer, huh?  But unfortunately it’s something we ALL need to be reminded of.

These recommendations were based on data dealing with dehydration, temperature regulation and metabolic control.  Many nutritional scientists strongly disagreed.  Many partially blame over consumption of high-sugar drinks for the current obesity epidemic in America.  The typical teenager or young adult consumes 300 more calories per day than 25 years ago, largely because of increased consumption of high sugar drinks

A  review from the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute in California reported that drinking watebelly dance nutritionr in place of

Adding more water every day does more than just keep you hydrated… wanna talk about a metabolism helper???Melissa and the Utopia Team at The Belly Dance Studio are the area’s EXPERTS in Metabolic Counseling and…

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