The Truth about Diet Soda

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  Turn on your television and within a short amount of time, it’s very likely that a diet soda ad will appear on screen.  Diet soda has been promoted by the Soft Drink Industry as a healthy alternative to regular soda for many years.  Is it true that diet soda is a healthy soft drink choice?  The answer to that question is a resounding NO!

Diet soda is only a healthy beverage choice if you think consuming large quantities of caffeine is good for you.  By the way, the unhealthy ingredients in your favorite brand of diet soda aren’t limited to just caffeine.  In addition to artificial sweeteners, diet soda also contains phosphoric acid and sodium.

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Let’s start with the unhealthy alliance between diet soda and caffeine.  Diet soda is loaded with caffeine because without it, the affect of drinking it would be far less satisfying to those…

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