Announcing: Oh, Hey Herbs!

Get Clean, Girls

Get Clean Girls is going on a new mission: we’re going to start  learning about and sharing herbal remedies, herbal teas, herbs for women’s health, caring for herbs, and anything else herb-related that strikes our fancy.

Here are some tidbits to get you started with herb know-how:


The real reason I got to work on this assignment is that I heard a really awesome speaker at the Mother Earth News Festival in Pennsylvania recently. Jaclyn Chasse, of Northeast Integrative Medicine, gave a quick and dirty overview of the top 10 herbs for women’s health. She has a naturopathic practice in New England specializing in reproductive health for women. Her talk was inspiring and made me really curious! This project won’t be limited to her list of herbs ladies should know about, but I’d like to start there.


Herbs can be used every day! Herbs are gentle remedies…

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