Training Update…

Lifting My Spirits

Since my last post was a little cryptic (it was really just a personal note to the Universe – I use the law of attraction), I thought I’d take a second and catch you up on the training.

Training and nutrition, by the way, feels like the only thing I’m not screwing up.  I’m not meeting anyone’s expectations in any other part of my life.  I kind of care, but kind of don’t.  The last time I tried to keep all the balls in the air, I weighed 198 pounds and was on a fast train to an early death.

I just started the third week of the 5 x 5 program.  I think it’s working?  I’m gaining weight steadily, although I know only a small part of it can be muscle.  I’m very careful with my food choices.  Since I’m supposed to be in a small calorie surplus, I…

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