In a Rush? Enter the Super Smoothie!

Healthy Bites by Caitlin

Sometimes I just don’t have the time (or don’t want) to whip up a full meal, but I don’t want to succumb to the siren’s song of packaged snacks. In these cases I usually grab a jar of some sort of meat I’ve prepared in advance (today it’s brisket) and whip myself up a smoothie. This guy is full of awesome nutrients and though I’ve added a few items, which may be difficult to source, such as the Dandy Blend or Irish Moss, I can assure you it tastes just as good without these extravagances. You know me, the bigger (the nutritional punch) the better! So here’s my recipe. It makes about two servings depending on how hungry you are. I enjoy mine in a glass jar, or measuring cup if all my jars are in use, with a glass straw.


½ avocado

1-2 cup(s) fresh or frozen blueberries…

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