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An Ingenious Plan

Previously, I blogged about how I discovered I wasn’t eating enough. I subsequently modified my diet to increase my intake, in sensible ways.

The most helpful part was adding more structure to my week. If you leave work at 5pm and head home and that’s it, five days a week, then there’s no real reason to plan a certain meal for a certain day. Adding more physical training to my weekdays meant that I had logical reasons to eat certain meals on certain days: high-energy lunch pre-training; high-protein dinner after, etc. etc.

So I switched from getting home in the evening and picking something randomly out of a cupboard to having the week’s meals planned in advance, and made a bunch of other changes, and duly boosted my diet and felt massively better for it: More energy, less aches and pains, all good.

This did have a downside, however. All…

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