The 2 Missing Factors in Fitness & Fat Loss

Boot Camp 360

Everyone who joins us each morning at Boot Camp 360 is evidently serious about exercise.  However, it’s incredibly important to remember that optimal fitness cannot be achieved through exercise alone. There are two important elements which are critical to overall fitness and fat loss that go beyond the barbell.  Without these two factors, you may end up negating or even undermining your hard work in the gym.

Factor #1: Clean Nutrition
Your body needs a healthy diet – not only for the purpose of recovering from your workouts and building muscle, but also to provide it with the energy it needs to perform the workouts (or meet the demands of life) in the first place. And this means real, sustained energy, not the temporary, artificial boost that comes from energy drinks, caffeine or sugar.

Your diet accounts for as much as 80% of the results you achieve at Boot Camp…

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